Sheffield United FC Academy staff: Summer Technical & Physical Clinics

summer school holiday camps & sessions

We are excited to welcome Sheffield United FC Academy Coaches over the summer to deliver our Summer Technical & Physical Clinics. Our summer clinics will provide an opportunity for children to work in small groups towards their Individual Learning Plans (ILP's). Children will be allocated "Learning Cells" comprised of children working towards their own ILP's ; Sheffield United Academy staff will oversee the allocation of learning cells in order to optimise the development of children enrolled on the program. Our Technical Clinics will be based at Goals Sheffield S2 2RU, Norfolk Park Rd. Please Note; our regular summer camps will also be running throughout all school holidays in Sheffield.

PRIVATE football coaching

We have scheduled Full Day Clinics running midweek during School Holidays and Saturday Clinics which will see children allocated into 75 minute slots. Our Summer Clinic Coordinator will schedule program reviews with parents enrolled on the program to assure children are allocated learning cells optimum for their development. Our Head of Coaching in regards to our Summer Technical & Physical Clinics will provide an end of program report to children enrolled on the full program. The booking form below will allow our Summer Clinic Coordinator to schedule a call with families; kindly provide as much information as possible to allow us to assess your availability and suitability for the program. Scroll down to access our Summer Clinic Booking Form or alternatively email us directly on if you have any questions before completing the form.

program overview

Welcoming Sheffield United FC Academy Staff to deliver our Summer Technical & Physical Clinics provides an opportunity for academy and grassroots children to experience a high quality learning experience within an engaging, challenging and rewarding environment. The allocating of Learning Cells enables children to work cohesively in achieving goals identified in their unique Individual Learning Plans. ILP's are dynamic development programs specific to one child; we constantly review and refine ILP's in collaboration with the child in order to optimize ownership and overall engagement. Fill in the booking form below in order to reserve your child a slot.

Learning Cells

it is possible for children playing at the same club during the season to be  allocated different Learning Cells to one another. When possible children will be allocated Learning Cells which compliment Social Groups but it is imperative for parents to communicate in advance with our Summer Clinic Coordinator as we may not be able to guarantee this in certain instances. Learning Cells are critical in creating a long term network for children with similar aspirations to work together in order to develop individually. An excelling attacking player at a Category 2 academy may be allocated the same  Learning Cell as an excelling defender a year older playing at a Category 2/3 academy. Our Summer Clinic Coordinator is reachable via the booking form below. 

We use whatsapp to message parents/guardians on training schedules. Kindly download whatsapp and save +44 7389756119 in order to contact our Summer Clinic Coordinator who will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.