Football classes for 2-3 years old

Football Classes for 2-3 years old

fun toddler football classes for 2-3 years old

Our fun and action packed football classes for 2-3 year old children provide a positive early start for children aspiring to experience a wide range of activities and sports during their formative years. Our Early Years Program provides children with an opportunity to grasp fundamental movement principles whilst developing their Agility, Balance and Coordination.

We are excited to have seen children graduate from our Tricky Magicians class to local academies and grassroots teams during their Pre-Academy years.

skills , olympics and games in our football classes for 2-3 years old.

Our program provides a great opportunity for children to have fun whilst learning core principles related to their physical literacy. Our dedicated team are deliberate in framing classes to assure children experience a wide range of activities, formats, feelings and emotions during classes. Our mini-olympics provide an unrivalled platform for children to learn and embrace the notion of competition; this also provides opportunity for children to build their resilience skills as their congratulate victors whilst dealing positively with perceived failure.

FUN and engaging football classes for 2-3 years old

Our “Tricky Magician” Session provides specialist age-specific football coaching for children aged 2-3 years old. Our session immerses children into an environment that encourages uncompromised play. Combining such an environment with a healthy platform to learn, observe and explore is precisely what makes our “Tricky Magician” Session truly unique and special…

Children aged 2-3 years old flourish within an environment that encourages play. Our specialist team are experts in assuring that the Play-Learn process occurs consistently and simultaneously. Our unique philosophy and coaching methods create a platform on which children aged 2-3 can begin to develop their Agility, Balance and Coordination (ABC). Our ‘Tricky Magician’ Session provides a healthy platform for children to explore and grasp basic movement patterns. Assuring that our ‘Tricky Magicians’ are Familiar with the Environment is pivotal in producing the best outcomes for our youngest performers. Interacting with peers in a positive manner is paramount in creating an environment in which children can take ownership of their learning and development. Coach-Player Interactions are critical in assuring that our dedicated team builds productive relationships with children, assess how our sessions and coaching methods satisfy the developmental needs of the Whole-Child and listen to children’s concerns, success stories or… stories in general.

Familiarity with the Environment…

Our dedicated team prioritises the importance in assuring that our youngest performers are familiar with the environment. Developing the Whole-Child requires the child to be in-sync with the environment. Embracing individuality, and encouraging children to express themselves, while building and maintaining productive relationships with others makes it possible for children of different aptitudes to flourish. Our coaches are equipped with the necessary tools to ascertain the extent to which a child is in-sync with Environment. A confident child is not necessarily the loudest child during sessions; we assess the extent to which a child is familiar and comfortable with the environment by their desire and enthusiasm to learn, willingness to explore, positive management of relationships, self-belief, innovativeness and inclination to take on challenges. Our ability to build relationships with parents provides us with an in-depth understanding of the children we work with. It is not our mission to change who children are; by Embracing Individuality and building relationships to gain an in-depth understanding of our youngest performers, our mission is to create an environment in which children can flourish. Positive-Parental-Engagement (PPE) is paramount in achieving our mission.

Positive Parental Engagement (PPE)…

A single week has 168 hours; we have the privilege of working with our ‘Tricky Magicians’ for only 45 minutes to 1 hour per week. This explains why we place great importance in assuring that parents are positively engaged with the developmental process of the Whole-Child before, during and after sessions. PPE is not about being the loudest parent on the side-line, or pushing children beyond their realms of development and capabilities; PPE is about working cohesively, sharing child-related knowledge and raising awareness. This does not only enhance our understanding of the child as an individual, it also allows us to implement individually tailored support mechanisms to satisfy the developmental needs of the Whole-Child. We prioritise the importance of continuously interacting and liaising with parents and updating them on points of improvement, progress made and potentially implementing a non-obligatory development plan that incorporates developing the Whole-Child.

Booking a place..

At Young Elites we value the importance in assuring that children and parents receive a rewarding and memorable experience. Young Elites offers a FREE taster session to guarantee your satisfaction and allow you to assess how our sessions satisfy the developmental needs of your child as an individual.  Book now to join a memorable and rewarding journey!

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