Football classes for 4-5 years

Football Classes for 4-5 years old

action packed football classes for 4-5 years old

Our fun and action packed football classes for 4-5 year old children provide a positive early start for children aspiring to experience a wide range of activities and sports during their formative years. Our Early Years Program provides children with an opportunity to grasp fundamental movement principles whilst developing their Agility, Balance and Coordination.

We are excited to have seen children graduate from our Tricky Magicians class to local academies and grassroots teams during their Pre-Academy years.

skills , olympics and games in our football classes for 4-5 years old.

Our program provides a great opportunity for children to have fun whilst learning core principles related to their physical literacy. Our dedicated team are deliberate in framing classes to assure children experience a wide range of activities, formats, feelings and emotions during classes. Our mini-olympics provide an unrivalled platform for children to learn and embrace the notion of competition; this also provides opportunity for children to build their resilience skills as their congratulate victors whilst dealing positively with perceived failure.


Our “Tiny Magician” Sessions provide an opportunity for boys and girls aged 4-5 to develop within a positive and engaging environment. Our unique coaching philosophy provides a platform on which performers of all abilities can flourish. Our football classes for 4-5 year old children provides an insight into the wide range of experiences children experience as they transition into their pre-academy years.Our football classes for children aged 4-5 years are recommended for young children who love competition and working positively with others. our classes provide a great platform for children to learn about the big world around them through their love for sport and socialising. 

Our Young Elites “Tiny Magician” Classes provide an opportunity for boys and girls aged 4-5 to develop within a positive and engaging environment. Our unique philosophy encourages our youngest performers to be confident on the ball and to begin to grasp and understand basic principles. Children aged 4-5 begin to explore and discover their strengths and points of improvement. The ‘Explore-Discover’ process is enhanced by combining our unique coaching philosophy, with a vibrant platform for young performers to develop their Agility, Balance & Coordination (ABC). Our “Tiny Magician” Classes provides the crucial balance between playing and learning; embracing the value in satisfying the ‘Play-Learn’ balance is paramount in assuring that our “Tiny Magician” Sessions are tailored to satisfy the needs of performers of all abilities. Welcoming participants at the beginning of their precious football journey, while providing a challenging and rewarding experience for more advanced performers is what makes our “Tiny-Magician” Sessions truly unique. Young participants are encouraged to express themselves while building and maintaining positive relationships with others. Our dedicated coaching team reinforce and drive our passion in creating an environment in which children can flourish. Our coaches value the importance of positive parental engagement; our passion is evident in the manner in which our dedicated team value the importance in interacting with parents/guardians in order to guarantee a cohesive effort to support our ‘Tiny Magicians”. 

 A Unique Philosophy: Football classes for 4-5 year olds

At Young Elites we place great pride in our ability to motivate and inspire our youngest performers. Working with children and young people in Professional academies, primary schools, secondary schools, local communities, private settings and various pillars of society has enhanced our ability to understand and meet the needs of the young people we are privileged to work with. At Young Elites we embrace individuality; our coaching methods and dedicated team provide a personalised experience in order to enhance performer development and progression. Visit ‘The Journey’ to gain a more in-depth insight into our unique philosophy here at Young Elites.

Booking a place: At Young Elites we value the importance in assuring that children and parents receive a rewarding and memorable experience.  Book now to join a memorable and rewarding journey!    

Football Classes for 4-5 years old