Saturday FOOTBALL CLASSES 0845 -1100 am
midweek ADVANCED sessions - TUESdays 1645-1900
Friday beginner class 1645-1800
Football Classes for 6-8 years old

Our Mini-Magicians classes welcomes children at different stages of their journey. At 6 years old some children are already training with local professional academies whilst some children have just began learning how to move and coordinate their bodies. Our fun sessions and varied (academy, grassroots & private coaching schools) games program aim to enhance a child’s love of the game as they grasp fundamental life-long principles such as competition, teamwork and self-expression. Tell us about your child and our dedicated team will be eager to allocate them into a class suitable for their development..

Football Classes for 6-8 years

Beginner Football classes for 6-8 years old

Our beginner classes provide an excellent platform for children starting out to fast track their technical development, game understanding and social skills. Our classes run weekly during term time at Goals Sheffield s2 2ru and combines training and matches to support children in contextualising and applying their learning. Children enrolled on our beginner program play for grassroots teams whilst some children are exploring basic principles from a physical literacy perspective. Our beginner football classes for 6-8 years are recommended for children aiming to gain confidence in and out of possession. Children excelling in our beginner classes are invited to our advanced classes which provide an excellent platform for children to excel beyond grassroots.
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Advanced football classes for 6-8 years

Our Elite Talent Program welcomes children excelling at an early stage of their journey. Our advanced football classes for 6-8 years provide an opportunity for children to experience a variety of formats, pitch sizes and standard of opposition through our well renowned games program. Our competition program provides children with an opportunity to compete with local academies and grassroots teams throughout the year. We are excited to welcome children from a wide range of playing and sporting backgrounds to our Elite Talent Program .

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