Private Football Coaching: 1-2-1 & Small Group Training


Our well renowned Private Football Coaching Curriculum provides children an opportunity to work with our UEFA B qualified staff to develop a short-long term development plan for participants of all abilities. We are proud to work with children from professional academies in our Private Curriculum Programme as well as providing an unrivalled development pathway for beginners and grassroots children. Due to high demand we encourage parents to arrange a consultation call with our Head Coach to discuss the suitability of our Private Curriculum Programme.

Our 1:2:1 and small group sessions provide an opportunity to work with our dedicated team on a private basis. Our small group sessions are different to this session as they offer the opportunity to be matched up with players of your key stage. This session is an opportunity to go through our individual development plan which is broken down into two stages: the assessment and the implementation phase. The Initial Phase recognises the need for our dedicated coaching team to holistically gather information about the child. You May Ring our Parent Coordinator, Herve on +44 73 897 56119. Read Further for more insight into our Private Curriculum.

Young Elites Private Curriculum

Our Private Academy Curriculum provides a unique opportunity for children to learn and explore fundamental and advanced principles. We utilise a combination of block and variable practices to provide our players with a holistic syllabus. Our Private Academy Curriculum recognises the need to support players of all backgrounds and types; athletes, technicians and warriors will have the opportunity to continue to build on their strengths whilst addressing weaknesses within a non-pressured risk-free environment.

Our Private Academy Programme recognises the importance of building productive Player-Parent-Coach relationships; we often invite parents in for assessment days in which we review a players’ progress over a stipulated period and the support mechanisms we can provide to further develop children. Players in our learning program are provided with a tailored development plan. Our development plan is designed and delivered after our assessment period which can last for 3-6 weeks depending on contact time.

We are passionate about providing your child with an unrivalled development pathway; our experience working with professional academies in a wide range of contexts whilst supporting grassroots children in their journey gives us reason to believe our programme will satisfy the needs of majority of children. Some of the children in our Private Programme have been recommended to us by professional academies their contracted to as a way to further develop their game and work on aspect players do not to the time to in group sessions.

 Our program provides players with an opportunity to be immersed in our culture of achieving Excellence through Hard-work and Dedication. Our Mantra [Out-think, Out-shine & Out-perform] captures our desire to propagate a diverse range of players. Children will also be introduced to a wide range of core principles which drive that of which we do here at Young Elites

Young Elites Private Academy Philosophy

Challenge & Reward: Private Football Coaching

We believe training should be challenging for players if they want to avoid plateauing. Very often we encourage children to refrain from continuously repeating techniques they have mastered; we often work on the weaker side to assure a player Retain, Regain, Release, Receive and Run with the ball. Our coaching staffs are specialists in challenging perception in a positive and progressive manner. Your child will be encouraged to utilise training as an opportunity to address current weaknesses whilst magnifying strengths.  We believe the returns gained from intrinsic rewards last longer in the memory of an athlete as they are a direct result of the effort shown by players. Our players often leave training with a sense of achievement and pride as they become more familiar of their physical, technical, cognitive, emotional and tactical capabilities.

Continuity & Repetition: Private Football Coaching

Due to a lack of resources, grassroots children on average have an hour training time per week whilst academy children receive 3 hours per week.  Without negating the need to avoid early specialisation, we do believe that our Private Academy provides an opportunity for players to build muscle memory through repetition of a wide range of techniques. Our availability all year round means we can continue to support our players during school holidays and off season.

Efficient Athletes: All Types of Athletes.

An athlete does not necessarily mean a players is tall, big and powerful; our Private Academy Syllabus recognises that players and athletes come in different forms. A small player may be recognised as an athlete given they can twist, turn and change direction quicker than bigger and more powerful athletes. We are realistic in our assessment of players in our initial phase of introducing them to our sessions.We however appreciate the importance of not limiting players based on their current physical structure. Our multi-functional approach allows us to magnify the strengths of a players whilst developing current weaknesses. We believe that child development in sport stretches beyond the physical aspect; we raise a players’ awareness of their cognitive capabilities and the correlation they have with sport and performance.

Cognitive Development:Private Football Coaching

We believe that young players can begin to recognise the correlation between their psychology and performance in all aspects of life. Our private sessions offer more than block practises- we overload our cognitive elements negating the benefits of block practices. Our commitment to offer a program which best prepares children to excel in a real environment provides reason to develop the cognitive elements of players. Our Private Football Coaching Classes aims to stretch the cognitive capabilities of children within a child-centred environment.

Fun & Celebrations: Private Football Coaching

Our Private coaching classes are designed to allow children to celebrate success and have fun! Private classes are often misconceived as extremely adult/coach driven. Our Syllabus is unique in regards to how we aim provide an environment in which children can have fun whilst grasping fundamental principles. We have 2 on 1 sessions which provides a competitive, fun and friendly environment whilst children learn to play under pressure.

Game Realistic & Transferable: Private Football Coaching

Private sessions in their nature are unrealistic in comparison to a real football match [11 vs 11]; we place great emphasis in assuring that children understand how principles explored in private session are transferable to a match situation. Our coaching interventions are aimed at enhancing independent decision making and a players’ propensity to self correct.

Technical Excellence: Play with purpose

The modern game demands every player to be technically literate as teams aim to play expansively through the thirds of the pitch; our sessions aim to isolate technical deficiencies in players during the assessment period.We then work with the player in developing the whole aspect of their game. Our goal is to develop players that are comfortable to receive, run, retain and release (pass/cross/shoot) with both sides of their body without negating the need to focus on psychological, tactical and physical elements.